At Kingston Gallery July 2014


My solo show in the center gallery in Kingston Gallery in Boston comes down this Sunday. More images will be posted soon.

At my show at Kingston Gallery, July 2014

Mixed Media 2003

Mixed media pieces from 2003, to be added to my galleries.


Pyramid,  Mixed Media, approximately 36" x 24"


Map of Creation, Mixed Media, approximately 24" x 36"



Druids, Mixed Media, approximately 28" x 30"



Tree Series, I – Mixed Media, approximately 33" x 50"

Images from my latest Shadows series


Here are some images from my latest "Shadow" series.  Four different images are showing at the Kingston Gallery Associates show this August, through September 2.  (You can also see more information and images at our Kingston Associates blog .)






My new work is in “Current” at Kingston Gallery

Image for CURRENT postcardPlease join me and the other Kingston Associates for our opening reception August 3 from 6-8 pm, and artists talk on August 12 from 1-3 pm.

Ten Kingston Gallery Associate members will exhibit new work based on the theme of CURRENT: Space, Energy and Time–how various types of energy effect and flow through art, our lives, and the world. CURRENT includes work by New England artists Rebecca Arnoldi, Claire Burke, Erika Carpenter, Jeanne Griffin, Chantal Hardy, Robert Maloney, Peggy McClure, Susan Richards, Rachel Thern and Shiaoping Wang in a variety of mediums including painting, mixed media/collage, photography, encaustic and more.

View CURRENT August 1 through September 2, including an opening reception with the artists Friday, August 3 and an artist talk on process Sunday, August 12. Visit for further details.

Shadows photos from Digicam camera

These photos were taken with a very small, very low-resolution Digicam, sometimes called a "toy" camera.  The camera is so small it can hang off a keychain.  The camera drops out the details and highlights, leaving a simple and interesting image!


Haiga (Japanese haiku painting)

The Japanese genre of Haiga, or haiku painting, combines an image with a haiku poem, a somewhat abstract form that engages a viewer’s imagination at different levels of understanding. The elusive quality of the Haiku is heightened by an image, just as the image is imbued with more meaning by a Haiku poem. Poet Raffael de Gruttola and artist Peggy McClure have collaborated on a number of haiga over the past few years, including:

the rattle of windchimes, a portfolio of five haiga prints depicting the seasons.

the turning point a collaborative on-line portfolio with Raffael de Gruttola, is featured on the Reeds Contemporary Haiga website. More information about Haiga can also be found on the Reeds website.